Video Licks: Watch A New Episode of The Age-Embracing Narrative Comedy Series OLD GUY

Video Licks: Watch A New Episode of The Age-Embracing Narrative Comedy Series OLD GUY
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If you do a browser search for the word “age-defying,” you end up with a whole lot of moisturizer and hair color content at the top. Not exactly something humans should be proud of, but true nonetheless. Sure, we don’t like getting old, but it’s an inevitability for every single one of us. Wouldn’t it be better to use the time we spend plucking the gray hairs and spackling over the wrinkles by embracing our fate with some self-improvement? Alas, such a notion doesn’t seem quite popular YET, but, luckily, there are folks working to help fight against society’s ageist mindset. One such warrior in the battle to tear down ageist stereotypes is the Burton sisters’ production company, Five Sisters Productions. They’ve created a narrative comedy series that stars their late father who encountered his fair share of ageism in media as he started his acting career late in life. In the second episode of OLD GUY, we find Harry (Roger Burton) playing a frat sitcom role that doesn’t quite portray the elderly in the best light. When he gets a callback, his hope that the role be more “integral to the plot” the second time round is quickly dashed. Enjoy the SECOND episode of Old Guy called Senile.

This episode also features Peri Gilpin as Harry’s agent and the late Gabrielle Burton as Harry’s wife.

Mentions: Watch previous episodes HERE. Look for new episodes of Old Guy every Thursday through May 28th on Vimeo and YouTube as well as Facebook and Instagram TV. Support artists with Patreon and make a one-time donation to Five Sisters HERE. Also, after this pandemic is over, try not to be a jerk to your ageing pals or perfect strangers.