Tasty News: ESTHER POVITSKY’S “Hot For My Name” Stand-Up Special Premieres June 5th on Comedy Central

It’s always intriguing to learn how a comedian’s backstory informs their comedy. It’s even better to soak in this info via their debut comedy special! Friday, June 5th on Comedy Central, get ready for the ESTHER POVITSKY: Hot For My Name special. Povitsky (Dollface, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) will go home to Skokie, Illinois to better understand why her unique relationship with her parents motivated her to become a comic. The special, executive produced by Happy Madison, will feature documentary footage interlaced with Povitsky’s dead-pan standup with the comic exploring “deep existential questions,” like why she’s “not quite hot enough” to ruin a marriage, why she ends up on Instagram when trying to read, and why she’s similar to a slice of pizza during the lovemaking process. You know, typical inquiries. The special was filmed at the Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles over four different shows, “mainly as an excuse for (Povitsky) to wear four different outfits.” As you do! Keep an eye out for the special featuring cameos from Christine TaylorAndrew Friedman and Priscilla Barnes! (WARNING: Trailer Not Safe For Zoom)

Mentions: Show 10pm ET/PT on Comedy Central Friday, June 5th.