Don’t YOU want to support great creative endeavors like Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Judge John Hodgman, RISK!, Wham Bam Pow and so much more? Well, you have just that opportunity ahora (that’s NOW for the Spanish illiterate). That independent podcast and radio show production organization known as Maximum Fun (found by Jesse Thorn) is having their Max Fun Drive 2014. The goal is to attain 1,500 new or upgrading members. Check out the goodies that can be yours with a most generous donation:


1. For $5/MONTH you will receive “bonus digital content, including special episodes of Bullseye; International Waters; Jordan, Jesse, Go!; Judge John Hodgman; My Brother, My Brother.” You will also have the satisfaction of supporting the media you love.

2. As a Friend of the Family, for $10/MONTH you will be sent “the 18-month mini MaxFunCal, featuring paintings of all of our MaxFun hosts reimagined as cats by artist Megan Lynn Kott.” You’ll get access to the exclusive digital content, as well!

3. As a Diamond Friendship Circle member for $20/MONTH you will get the MaxFun Morning Essentials Kit. “This kit includes a half bag of Tonx’s delicious coffee, a bar of STACK Soap (the soap that broke the mold), and a handsome ceramic mug, boldly emblazoned with our rocket logo.” You are also entitled to the MaxFunCal and the exclusive digital content.

4. If you become a member of the Justice Squad, for $35/MONTH “you’ll receive a pair of rocket engraved highball glasses, perfect for enjoying a drink with a friend. Cheers! You’ll also get the MaxFun Morning Essentials Kit, the MaxFunCal, and access to the exclusive digital content.”

5. Jesse’s Golden Eagles level is just extra special. For $100/MONTH you join The Inner Circle, “a monthly club celebrating the best in comedy, music, and culture. Hosts of the MaxFun programs will hand-select one favorite book, movie, album, or other piece of culture each month to share with you, and we’ll deliver it to your door or inbox along with a note about what we love about it. Plus, you can count on every thank-you gift below – the highball glasses, the MaxFun Morning Essentials Kit, the MaxFunCal, and the exclusive digital content. And, as always, Jesse’s Golden Eagles are invited to the annual MaxFunDinner the night before MaxFunCon, with staff, performers, and other special guests.” Schnazzy!

6. The peak of the donation period is Jordan’s Platinum Angels. For $200/MONTH “you get free registration on the second ever Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival in addition to every single thank-you gift (the Inner Circle membership, invitation to the MaxFunDinner, the highball glasses, the MaxFun Morning Essentials Kit, the MaxFunCal, and the exclusive digital content). Perk-licious!

See, there is something for everyone! Keep supporting the podcasts you love and make the world a better place.

Mentions: Click HERE for more information on how to update a donation and just other donation info in general.