Last week Sleepaway Camp dedicated an entire show to the entity known as the Blue Man Group. It was silly, raunchy and everything inbetween. To add to the madness comedian Demetri Martin summoned Hulk-like rage to squash a suspender toting heckler in the audience. Is it possible this show can get any more crazy? Find out tonight, April 1st, when the boys pull off a few tricks of their own as well as invite these stellar entertainers to entertain the crowd:

George Carlin
Melissa Villasenor
Sam Tallent
Chris Flemming
David Gborie
Julia Prescott
Josh Androsky
Joe McAvoy
“Josh Hayes”
hosted by Travis Rust & Matthew Goldin

Live in the moment and attend the FREE event that will change you forever. Make your April Fool’s Day extra special with the joy of laughter.

Mentions: Show 9:00pm at The Downtown Independent. FREE! FREE! FREE! Did I mention that last week the audience’s shoes were balanced on a comedian’s nose for money? GO!