Today Above Average unveiled yet another animated series winner. Swimming Lessons features a band of 7-year old dysfunctional misfits who get schooled with some life lessons, in addition to their aquatic ones. Vincent, the child who dabbles in private equities, is voiced by comedian Eliot Glazer who you might remember from other series like It Gets Betterish, Haunting Renditions and Eliot’s Sketch Pad.

To find out what else Swimming Lessons holds in store for this not so merry group of potential swimmers check out this preview.

Swimming Lessons
will air on Above Average every Wednesday for the next three weeks.

Mentions: Bristol Pomeroy, Danielle Scherr, Daniel Shepard and Lindsay Simon voice Mr. James, Blood Mary, Bruce Manilow, and Dear Baby Jesus, respectively. Swimming Lessons was created by Daniel & Keith Shepard, produced by Brendan McMorrow and animated by LowBrow Studios. Story credit goes to the trio of the two Shepards and Scherr.