Tasty News: CRUSH FICTIONALLY Talks Caped Crusader Characters with “The Boys” Actor Mishka Thébaud

Tasty News:  CRUSH FICTIONALLY Talks Caped Crusader Characters with “The Boys” Actor Mishka Thébaud
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The CRUSH FICTIONALLY podcast just began in September and we are already mad in love with the concept, the hosts, and the stellar guests! Everyone has a meat space crush at least once in their life, but with fictional crushes the possibilities are endless. Every episode Kimberly Truong (Arroz Con Pho, Ruby LA, UCB) and Michelle Viray dives deep into their heartfelt admiration for characters from movies, TV shows, books, and more. On the latest edition, they welcome star of The Boys Netflix superhero series, Mishka Thébaud, otherwise known as A-Train’s rival sprinter, Shockwave. The three share their thoughts on a mutually esteemed octogenarian and the franchise known as THE BATMAN DC universe.

We won’t go full spoiler on you, but we can reveal that, although the Tim Burton films may not be timeless from a 2020 perspective, they did produce some purr-ific villains with true commitment to the roles. Mishka shares his true crime obsession while covering little known facts about the acting chops of a lauded Christopher Nolan Batman foe. We find out which Batman film has the most Oscar winners. We get a taste of the excitement level of the podcast participants on Robert Pattinson’s The Batman role. And let’s just say Tom Hardy’s Batman: The Dark Knight Rises role does not go unrecognized. Where’s the beef?! So which actor wins the pod’s “Best Batman” designation? Only one way to find out! Unmask this informative and laugh out loud episode now!

Batman with Mishka Thébaud (The Boys)

(Thankfully, your hosts don’t really have the memories of gerbils.)

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