Icing: We Talk to The Bindle Brothers About Their Smile-Inducing Artisanal Startup

Icing: We Talk to The Bindle Brothers About Their Smile-Inducing Artisanal Startup
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If you haven’t seen the Bindle Bros. Business Company Profile you are a person who either spends most days outdoors or you’ve sworn off The Internet completely. What starts off as a business mag’s account of a legitimate startup company, featuring two very hipster looking brothers selling their goods, turns out to be NYC funnymen Ben Kronberg and Matt Klinman bringing you amazing satire. For a moment let’s pretend it’s not all just a big joke about carefully crafted artisinal bindles and the men who sell them. We talked to THE Josiah and Dusty Bindle about their “super authentic” company and those handcrafted carry-alls. Enjoy!

Bindle Bros. Business Company Profile from Josiah Bindle on Vimeo.

COMEDY CAKE: Were the Bindle Bros always trust fund babies?

JOSIAH BINDLE: Of course not! That’s offensive.

DUSTY BINDLE: We’re now trust fund adults.

CAKE: Could the Bindle Bros brand branch out to different cities?

DUSTY: Could?

JOSIAH: We’re a multinational corporation. Wherever there are branches there are branches of Bindle Bros.

CAKE: Do you think the Bindle Bros bindle is underpriced considering its popularity?

JOSIAH: Oh, not because of popularity. It’s simple supply and demand. We’re in LA right now and there aren’t as many good bindle sticks just lying around out here. So prices may have to go up.

DUSTY: Plus, we want to take some California girls on some limited-run adventures and those cost a pretty penny…I just winked at you.

CAKE: How can you identify a true Bindle Bros product from a knock-off?

JOSIAH: There’s a particular essence. When you hold the stick, you will just know it’s a Bindle Bros. bindle bag that Dusty and I handcrafted. No imitations come close.

DUSTY: And if you’re essence blind, there are two cool looking red Bs…For Bindle Bros – you know, BB? I just winked at you again.

CAKE: How were the brothers influenced by Sylvia Plath?

DUSTY: Isn’t it obvious?

CAKE: How does a starter bindle differ from a say The Teddy Roosevelt bindle?

JOSIAH: Imagine a tiny back – I know it’s disgusting, but bear with me – and then imagine huge suitcase. Can you tell the difference?

DUSTY: Plus, one’s presidential.

Mentions: Comedy writer and director Kemp Baldwin created this brilliant work. Check out all the Bindle Bros. products HERE.

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