Video Licks: Go MENTAL with A Comedic Web Series by Julie Lake & Shirin Najafi

Video Licks: Go MENTAL with A Comedic Web Series by Julie Lake & Shirin Najafi
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Shirin Najafi (George & Julie, Before & After Uber) and Julie Lake (OITNB, Road Rage) have been BFFs since their freshman year of high school. Natural writers and creators, it’s no surprise they would eventually collaborate on pet projects that capture both their humor and artistic passion. Their newest venture Mental is a comedic web series about two neurotic best friends, Shirin and Julie, who struggle with anxiety and depression. Each episode of the series takes a look at life from the perspective of those grappling with extreme neurosis. Similar to Louie the series makes these shared experiences relatable in a comical and endearing manner. The first episode titled Palm Springs features the best friends trying to enjoy a trip together only to discover several neuroses hamper their efforts to fall asleep.

You will be excited to learn that with the help of Kickstarter this creative team wishes to make 6 episodes in total ranging from 5-12 min in length. Of course, that can’t be done without your assistance. There are loads of sweet Orange is The New Black rewards for pledgers, so get started forking over those dollars. This female-driven show is well worth the expense, plus the eventual goal is to sell the show to a cable network. Won’t you be proud when you realize you were part of the initiative to see this project to the top? YES, YOU WILL!

Mentions: Learn more about the series HERE. Follow Shirin and Julie on Twitter.

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