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Tasty News: NEW PODCAST “Psychic Hotline $1/Minute” Hosted by Comedian FARAH BROOK

Tasty News: NEW PODCAST “Psychic Hotline $1/Minute” Hosted by Comedian FARAH BROOK
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I remember a time when psychics flooded my TV screen. I was always intrigued by their flashing 1-800 numbers, head scarves, and undersized crystal balls. I don’t think they’ve lost popularity necessarily, but they certainly garner more attention during uncertain times. Aren’t all times uncertain? Shush. I’ve seen into your future (not really) and I think listening to this podcast will assuage your troubles (for now). Hey, it’s better than a drug addiction. Comedian and writer FARAH BROOK, known for her viral video “Kiss Me NYC,” has just launched a new podcast called Psychic Hotline $1/Minute. There’s a bit of the old Vulcan mind meld going on during Farah’s podcast sessions with real psychics and it’s simply something you can’t stop listening to. Farah was inspired to start the podcast after a significant change in her own life,

“One year ago I thought I at least had one part of my future totally figured out and secure as I was engaged to be married, but as life is ever-changing and surprising, we called those plans off and I was left shell-shocked, trying to pick up the pieces and figure out what the future had in store. Since I was a kid, I thought years and years ahead. I would sit in school and think, ‘This doesn’t matter, in 10 years I’ll be living on an island with Ryan Gosling and our toddler with no use for algebra or social studies.’ People have told me to ‘live in the present’ and ‘enjoy the moment now’ but that has just never felt right for me.

I’ve also always been fascinated by those who claim to know what the future has in store. The psychic hotline world is a weird, silly, wild business that I am so excited to have an excuse to learn more about through trial and error. So here we are. The calls aren’t perfect, they are a lot of times awkward and strange. It’s just a real life phone call between two people, one of which makes a living telling people what happens in the future.”

Will these psychics be able to use their extrasensory perception to identify information hidden in Farah’s (not Farrah) mind and her guests, like Mike Abrusci & Robert Dean? Find out today!

Episode 1 – “Psychic Emmy”: Farah and Psychic Emmy get serious about negative thoughts, seeing dead people, and MORE!

Episode 2 – “Betsy and the Breakup” (with guest Mike Abrusci): Miek is keen to know what the psychic thingks about the future of his open relationship.

Episode 3 – “Psychic Siman”: Siman and Farah share a deep connection. Siman reveals some rather shocking info regarding his ESP skills.

Episode 4 – “Karmic Blockages” (with guest Robert Dean): Can the psychic tell Dean about the future of his career in the entertainment biz?

Mentions: Listen to Psychic Hotline $1/Minutes on iTunes, LibSyn and Google Play.

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