Layers: Some Parental Reasons to Pick Up JOE SIB’s Debut Stand-Up Album “Nowhere Near the Top”

Layers: Some Parental Reasons to Pick Up JOE SIB’s Debut Stand-Up Album “Nowhere Near the Top”
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I believe JOE SIB would qualify as one of the coolest dads in the country. You might be saying “it’s not even Father’s Day, what’s this gal alluding to?” Well, the former punk rock band frontman, SideOneDummy Records co-founder, podcaster, comedian and parent just so happens to have a new debut stand-up album out called Nowhere Near the Top. As the title might suggest, climbing that mountain to success can be a daunting challenge punctuated by peril. After listening to the album it seems, in Sib’s hilarious estimation, he’s not at the peak quite yet. One glaring facet of his life that’s clearly had an impact on that journey has been parenting. Hey folks, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! Sib masterfully covers the many aspects of dealing with the “tornado” that is family and children. He talks about the enormous expensive of child rearing, joking that had there been a calculator at conception time he may have made a different choice. He uses family vacations and summer camp trips as more evidence of this progeny money trap. He reminisces about his own childhood, when heading to the Golden Arches was a treat for a kid and summer camp wasn’t even a notion. These kids with their video games and their trampolines, really have no idea how good they have it!

Comedian Joe Sib (Photo by Troy Conrad)

Sib is awestruck at the reality that he was once defiant of authority and now he IS the authority figure. Being in charge has it’s perks though. Tracking his kid’s cell phone content has helped the comedian, with a comb in his back pocket, decipher what exactly pilates and emojis are. To paraphrase, you’ll probably contract pilates after a one night stand and you’ll need emoji to make it go away. However, we learn he still has a long way to go because his kid still doesn’t want to talk in the car and he may never understand that “Can’t Feel My Face” song. My favorite moment from the album has to be when he tells the audience about a math problem he helped his son out with, which turns out to be a lesson in sheer common sense. UGH to that new math! If you have children, this album will help you in YOUR journey to figure it all out. If you don’t, you’ll get a glimpse into your future and some hearty, humorous advice. Have fun on that holiday in Fresno, Joe! The album is currently available digitally and on vinyl. More deets below!

Mentions: Clear HERE to pick up the album pronto. Check out Joe Sib’s modern parenting podcast Rad Parenting with Anea Bogue. Follow Sib on Twitter and Facebook.

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