LAYERS: Debut Album “GEORGE GORDON – Your Good Friend” is Out Today & *Kicking It Up A Notch

LAYERS: Debut Album “GEORGE GORDON – Your Good Friend” is Out Today & *Kicking It Up A Notch
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Northern Virginia native GEORGE PEYTON GORDON III (yes, there’s a legacy), with the aid of Little Lamb Recordings, has unleashed his debut stand-up comedy album GEORGE GORDON Your Good Friend on the world this find Tuesday. Everyone knows rising to the top is not a solo effort, so Mr. George Gordon has embraced his community by subtitling each track on the album with the name of a comedy friend or beloved family member. It’s not difficult to figure out how he’s amassed these chums as you listen to each funny and endearing track. “Your Good Friend,” recorded at Brooklyn’s welcoming Union Hall venue, starts off with some solid motherly advice and quickly unveils George’s knack for conversational storytelling and calm, cool delivery. The listener is treated to stories ranging from seriously upgrading personal achievements at a wedding in the Catskills to revealing his southern jargon when talking about coleslaw to figuring out what line to use to when making the dating transition back to his place. My favorite tracks would have to be Vodka Soda 17:40, where we see the upside to the bartender profession; Lauren’s story, where we find out how easily offended George is; and the two fantastic celebrity encounter tracks, Paul Giamatti & The Original Becky from Roseanne, where Gordon gets the raw Giamatti treatment and finds out Becky’s flirty side doesn’t always benefit everyone. I can’t recommend Your Good Friend enough and neither can the internet because it’s currently #1 on the iTunes comedy charts! Stream it today!

GEORGE PEYTON GORDON III or George Gordon to his friends (Image by Mindy Tucker)

Mentions: Gordon’s Your Good Friend is available on all digital platforms today from Little Lamb Recordings. Buy on Itunes, pals! Gordon has played the the New York Underground Festival, The Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, was the audience award winner at Laugh Track Festival in Denver, and call New York his home. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram!

*The headline will all make sense once you’ve finished listening to the album. I’m sneaky that way.

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