LAYERS: BETHANY VAN DELFT’S Debut Comedy Album I’M NOT A LLAMA is A Genuine Primer on How to Be A Cool Parent

LAYERS: BETHANY VAN DELFT’S Debut Comedy Album I’M NOT A LLAMA is A Genuine Primer on How to Be A Cool Parent
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Bethany Van Delft is a gifted storyteller and mom who is a Moth winner, has performed at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, SF Sketchfest, the All Jane Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy Festival, and the 2 Dope Queens podcast. The Bronx born comic has a unique background, having been raised Marxist to a Puerto Rican mom and Dutch dad. As a tween she moved with her family to Boston, went to Paris to model at the age of 19, and ended up in Milan “speaking Spanglish with an Italian accent” after she got kicked out of modeling. Lucky for her audience she found the Boston comedy scene along the way.

On her debut album I’M NOT A LLAMA, out today on Blonde Medicine, Van Delft explores the challenges of raising her own family, her unique upbringing, as well as wishing her inside voice got a lot more confidant when it came to dealing with a complete stranger touching her precious locks. Some of the sage life and parenting lessons you’ll pick up with this funny and thoughtful new album include not underestimating the challenge of the diaper change, understanding that goat yoga is not scientifically proven to make you more chill, seeing another side of your friends after you’ve announced you’ve never seen Game of Thrones, identifying the safety of child who is having a meltdown in public, learning to love a significant other despite getting the words of a nursery rhyme wrong, and making sure your couples therapist’s office is close to a taqueria.

You’ll soon find your own fatigue, anxiety, and insecurities melting away as you listen to Van Delft’s calm, measured delivery of humor that tinges every parental experience. Gift this album for the holiday season! Enjoy!

Mentions: Pick up Bethany’s I’m Not a Llama Wherever Albums Are Sold Or Streamed. Follow Van Delft on Instagram and Facebook.

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