Video Licks: Watch The Story of ‘ODYSSEUS vs. THE CYCLOPS’ Care of The Troubies & The Getty Museum

If you caught the first installment of The Troubies‘ hilarious retelling of Homer’s “Odyssey,” you’ll know it’s an entertainment adventure worth embarking on. Not only do you get a play infused with modern day sensibilities and music, but you get a fun lesson in the classics. In the second episode, we get a succinct intro featuring classical archaeologist Dr. Shelby Brown, aka “Director of old stuff” and fact checker extraordinaire, who gives the audience the lowdown on how the story of ‘The Oddyssey’ has survived so long. From there, you’ll find yourself eyeballs deep in Odysseus’ peril. Can he escape the “monstrous” situation he’s found himself in on the Island of the Phaeacians? Also, what exactly is in a “No Name,” anyway? Enjoy Aphrodite Zoom bombs and a “Vision 20” harmonica rap solo in The ODDyssey, Episode 2: Odysseus vs. the Cyclops!

Mentions: Watch the first installment of The ODDyssey HERE! Look for more FREE episodes Sundays at 3pm PST until August 16, 2020, streaming on the Getty Museum YouTube channel. Follow The Troubies on Instagram!