Video Licks: ELIZA KINGSBURY Harnesses The Pop Power of GAGA in The Musical Parody “I Know Who I Am”

The 2020 VMAs are just around the corner, and none other than THE pop diva, who looks amazing even if she’s just wearing a hot pink bug mask and jammies, will be headlining. Of course! Yes, Lady Gaga has had the world’s attention for quite some time now, but not that she hasn’t earned it. In this new parody video from ELIZA KINGSBURY (‘Pop Stars are Dumb (But We Love Them‘) we get a visual and audio exploration of the evolution of Gaga’s career. The comedic homage includes hysterical lyrics, those over the top Gaga-inspired outfits, and some fierce choreography to put all other parodies to shame. The other one woman machine known as Eliza (for this sole purpose of this post) not only wrote, edited, and co-directed the video, but she also composed and recorded the music in her home studio, in addition to hand crafting the head-to-toe costumes. Now that’s some talent! Watch Eliza and her squad (Alexandra Gambee & Leanne Velednitsky) in I KNOW WHO I AM!

This video was directed by Eliza Kingsbury and Andy Zou, choreographed by Alex Field & Eliza, and directed for stage by Michael Hartney.

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