Quick Dish Quarantine: ‘MARIA BAMFORD: Help Me, Help You, Help Me!’ Livestream Show 9.26 Online

Looking for advice? No problem! Join stand-up comedian, actress, and voice actress Maria Bamford (Lady Dynamite, The Maria Bamford Show) for a special 2-hour livestreaming comedy show where Maria will tackle strangers’ problem of any size. Failure within the five-minute timeframe is definitely an option, but that’s the whole fun of it! Group therapy doesn’t get as enjoyable as this. Your own “untrained comedian with a BA in Creative Writing” will dispense quality mental health care/humor for the highly affordable price of $15. Tickets are available on RushTix.com now! Don’t miss out on this “STAND-UP meets QUESTIONABLE ADVICE meets AFTER-PARTY” event! Now check out what Maria has to say about HELP ME, HELP YOU, HELP ME! below:

Mentions: Show 7pm. PT. Tickets available at https://rushtix.com/events/maria-helps/. Ticket holders can opt-in to be randomly selected to share the virtual stage with Maria.