Video Licks: BETH BREAKS DOWN Those Hip Hop Classic “Beets” in The Only Way A Satirical Instagram-Friendly Influencer with A Music Vlog Can

There’s no doubt that Hip Hop is here to stay. It’s been an important part of our musical history and it’s influence has been seen far and wide. In fact, that couldn’t be more clear as we bring you a satirical music review web series that takes one woman’s love of the musical genre to hilarious, new heights. “Fictional self-proclaimed health & lifestyle blogger & social media influencer // entrepreneur from Denver by way of Chicago” @beets_by_beth has taken it upon herself to spread the hallmarks of hip-hop far and wide, by bringing her Instagram audience her very own (incredibly naïve) interpretations of her favorite hip hop songs.

For now, Beth’s leaving those home workout and meal prep vids for other influencers to tackle. Beth’s passion is hip hop. Her Vlog series is an extension of that passion. Could anyone ever think she was “some random, delusional, potentially unstable person” who “got a couple of new followers on Instagram and decided to make an entire web series about a topic” they clearly know absolutely nothing about? NEVER. This series was shot entirely on an iPhone 5 in quarantine. No small feat, so let’s the reverse countdown of SEASON ONE of BETH BREAKS DOWN begin, “gal pals and beat babes!”

Beth Breaks Down Episode 5: Beth draws attention to Hip Hop’s greatest muse, the female form. Case in point, Big Sean’s Dance (A$$ Remix) ft Nicky Minaj never discriminates when it comes to those #BeetBums. You can’t miss a rousing, cheerleader-perfect “catchy chorus” like that.

Beth Breaks Down Episode 4: Hip Hop’s most supportive ASMR-friendly study anthem Wait (The Whisper Song) by The Ying Yang Twins always inspires Beth to reach for that glass ceiling.

Beth Breaks Down Episode 3: Having a supportive group of BFFs is very important to Beth, so it’s no surprise she’s be a fan of hip hop’s greatest tribute to friendship, Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta F Wit (by none other than NYC’s Wu-Tang Clan). Remember, don’t mess with Beth’s gal pals!

Beth Break Down Episode 2: “Hip hop is just poetry set to music.” In this episode Beth brings the audience a tune from one of the most “respected poets” of all time,” DMX. Enjoy her take on the “classic ode to unity and entrepreneurship,” Ruff Ryders Anthem.

Beth Breaks Down Episode 1: Hip Hop culture has had a huge influence on Beth’s life so she must share her life’s soundtrack with the world. Watch as she gives her interpretation of Norf Norf by Long Beach rapper Vince Staples.

Mentions: Follow your girl @beets_by_beth (Beth Gethard) on The Gram and keep an eye out for the release Beth’s first self-help book, Beet Life: A Health & Lifestyle Guide to Show Your Life Whose Boss. Learn all about the comedy writer currently based in Denver, Tyler Holme, HERE, for no particular reason. You can follow Tyler on Twitter, Ig and Facebook.