Video Licks PREMIERE: Nobody in Hollywood is Safe in FUN DOME’s Hilarious New Comedy Short ‘SIX DEGREES OF KOVID BACON’

It looks like there’s plenty of Bacon to go around in this new video from the comedy creative team, FUN DOME. You may be familiar with the parlor game known as “Bacon’s Law” or the more familiar term “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” It posits that due to the actor’s prolific screen career anyone in the film industry can be linked to Bacon through their film roles within six steps. In this short, Fun Dome takes this concept a step further. Considering that we’re living in viral times, what would happen if said A-lister, who started the #IStayHomeFor campaign earlier in the year, was seen out and about without a mask at a local Gelsons supermarket? *GASP*

Is it just a matter of time before all of Hollywood realizes they’ve been exposed to the “Kovid Bacon?” This short, from Tammy Dahlstrom (Silicon Valley, Life In Pieces), Michael Cotter (Inherent Vice, Baby Daddy) and Jeff Witzke (Henry DangerUp In The Air), guest stars “two degree” Beth Dover (Another Period, OITNB), “four degree” Chris Dougherty (Vice, Scrubs), “one degree” Marcus Folmar (Pump, Alley Way), “five degree” Naomi Grossman (AHS, Alley Way), “three degree” Angela Oh (Hero, What Women Want), and “six degree” Ellen Woglom (Inhumans, Californication) realizing they are part of this giant web of exposure. Meanwhile it looks like Kevin’s playing the blame game. Earlier this year Fun Dome premiered their first project, a web micro-series called SQWALKIE on, delivering a slice-of-life look at how three friends stay connected using the latest video chat app. Be sure to check that out, but now it’s time for the PREMIERE of Six Degrees of Kovid Bacon! Enjoy!

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