Quick Dish Quarantine: Friday & Saturday Frolics with “Spirited” SHOT4SHOT Performances of “Ghostbusters” & “Silence of The Lambs”

Is it just me or does today feel a lot more like fall? Oh, that’s just the breeze from the haunted souls? OK, my bad. This weekend you can get into those actual autumnal spirits as The Armory’s Shot4Shot virtual event presents two nights of spooky, drunken film play. TOMORROW, October 9th, treat yourself to a tipsy re-enactment of the Ghostbusters supernatural comedy flick. Slimer has dibs on the Toasted Marshmallow Liqueur!

Saturday, October 10th break out the chianti as you get a dose of the Silence of the Lambs. No one is safe as the cast (made up of either die-hard fans or performers fist experienced the movie) act out scripts for roles that were blind cast, and try their best to follow some crazy drinking rules. What could possibly go right?! Enjoy it all on Zoom this weekend!

Mentions: Shot4Shot is a drinking game with a movie problem! Email the armorycomedy@gmail.com to watch! Upcoming Armory schedule THERE. Follow on The Armory on Ig.