Video Licks: The Sketch Series “Now Hiring” Sends in The Clowns for It’s Halloween Episode

From the folks that brought you The Denied from New York sketch show (when live in-theatre shows were still a thing), comes a new improvised series called Now Hiring.” Created by Sean Reidy, the series takes you into the online interview process, bringing you a most curious and intriguing set of interviewees. In the latest Halloween-centric episode, we meet the owner (Danielia Donohue Reidy) of several floundering Halloween stores interviewing to be Head of Finance. We soon learn of the candidate’s interesting connection to the owner of those Spirit Halloween pop-up stores. Surely, it’s a positive that this candidate is also on board with office Halloween dress-up, as well as being a graduate of CUNY, Clown University of NY? Happy Halloween!

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