Layers: WHY MOMMY DRINKS Welcomes ADAM PALLY to Talk Surviving with Three Kids in Quarantine

Layers: WHY MOMMY DRINKS Welcomes ADAM PALLY to Talk Surviving with Three Kids in Quarantine
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You may care for them, you may be related to them, or you may have just seen one in the wild that one time. Whatever way you are linked to the pint-sized creatures, there’s no doubt children are life changing. In the latest episode of the WHY MOMMY DRINKS podcast, mom/host Betsy Stover (UCB, Drink and Be Mommy) and her guest host/mom Amanda Allan welcome actor Adam Pally (The Mandalorian, Happy Endings, The Mindy Project) to commiserate on the trials that drove them to the brink of insanity when trying to raise three children in a pandemic. Did they imbibe a drink or two to cope with Zoom interruptions, virtual schooling sessions, and trips to Dairy Queens? What do you think?!

So what wild stories did Betsy and fellow parents have for the listener this go-round? Well, we should start out by saying each of the parents on this episode, currently care for three children, 10 and under. That alone should be cause for a round of medals, but the heroism becomes more apparent when each shares their own trying stories from the child-rearing crypt. We learn that a 100th day of school celebration can go very bad, when a parent has no idea that the event was happening in the first place. One co-host is forced to scramble for supplies in front of the virtual class leading to an unmuted proclamation of “I hate this!” Does it also count that our parent of the moment was in PJs in front of the entire class of kids, teacher and parents? Yes, yes it does.

Another harrowing story we hear about reminds us that kids have a tendency to bring parents down several notches at the worst moments. Even when you have a BIG meeting with entertainment execs, there’s no safe harbor from the tiny ones. It’s probably not the best timing when kids are jumping about and screaming, while a dog is learning to bark, and everyone in the meeting is asked to introduce themselves. School could not get back in session any sooner for these poor parents!

Adam had the lions share of tales in the episode as the prime guest, but we will just share the standout one today. We learn than Adam has a pandemic hang-out spot on Long Island that takes hours to travel to. On a recent outing, the kids were hungry and scream-demanding for sustenance. Since Pally’s oldest child was insistent on Dairy Queen, the actor agreed to brave the long line just to quell the hunger pangs. Unfortunately, an over the back hand off of a milk shake ended in a flying shower of sticky, brown goo all over the car and Palley’s wife. Let’s just say Adam’s hunger-stricken reaction is not only a story that will be passed down through the generations, but it gives you a true appreciation for how solitude in the face of kinder-plagued adversity can cure all ills. I bet those wet chicken fingers tasted delicious. (Also, was that epic scene in The Mandalorian with Adam, Jason Sudeikis, and Grogu just frustrated parents taking out their pent-up aggressions on a puppet? If so, it all makes sense now.)

Listen to more stories from Pally and the parent “cucks” below!

ADAM PALLY: “Quarantine Cucks”

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