Tasty News: Spend The Holidays Listening to The New Podcast MAJORING IN EVERYTHING from Andrea Jones-Rooy

Are you that person who stands out in the crowd? The one who has way too many interests? The one who still hasn’t arrived at a well-defined passion? The one who’s been MAJORING IN EVERYTHING their whole life? Well, then this BRAND NEW podcast is just the thing for you and for those who stare at people like you confusedly. Because Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D. just doesn’t have enough to do, they have taken on a podcasting endeavor that really hits home. Jones-Rooy is… *takes deep breath* a standup comedian, circus performer, data and social scientist, speaker, educator and so much more! The Doctor (Dr. Who made me do that) empowers everyone, from CEOs to college students, to overcome their fear of math and think like data scientists on the daily. Jones-Rooy is the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Visiting Associate Professor at the NYU Center for Data Science and teaches advanced courses on natural language processing, among other things. Dr. Jones-Rooy speaks and consults with organizations, from Fortune Global 100s to tech startups, has contributed to outlets like Quartz and FiveThirtyEight, and combines skills of science, comedy, and the circus into one-person shows that both entertain and educate on topics ranging from game theory to linear regression! Who’s exhausted for Andrea?!!

With Majoring in Everything, Jones-Rooy celebrates people who do more than one thing, especially things that may appear totally dissimilar. Per Andrea, “I’ve always been interested in both art and science and made to feel like a weirdo for it. If nothing else, this is a podcast I wish I’d been able to listen to when I was in my 20s and feeling like a failure for not being able to focus on only one thing.” Jones-Rooy has found fellow “liminals” to discuss their multitrack lives, their experiences along the way, and how they can make the world more friendly to people interested in following such a path. Jones-Rooy has already interviewed the physicist and most musically inclined Brian Wecht, and the highly inspirational Jon Laster, who discusses being a comedian, financial activist, and former star basketball player. TODAY you can learn all about Dr. Moiya McTier, folklorist and astrophysicist (the first ever at Harvard to double major in those fields) who talks to Andrea about how she uses storytelling to build public trust in science. Enjoy!

Mentions: Listen to new episodes on Apple Podcasts, HERE, and everywhere else you listen to podcasts. Follow Andrea on IG, Twitter, F/B, TikTok, & YT. Majoring in Everything is edited by Eric P. Stipe, and is a member of the World’s Smartest Podcast Network.