Video Licks: The “Golden Gals” Present A BEST FRIEND Parody That Goes Full Ben Gay & Bingo

That dance-worthy, viral rap BEST FRIEND, from Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper AKA Saweetie ft Doja Cat, already enjoyed a remix version with British rapper Stefflon Don, Chinese rapper VaVa, and is soon to get quite buddy buddy with South Korean singer Jamie and South Korean/Japanese rapper Chanmina. However, what you HAVEN’T seen is a version that empowers a set of women in their TRUE PRIME! WE have for you today some “Golden Gals” presenting a much needed Best Friend parody where the money is old skool, the Ben Gay is flowin’, and the fellowship is as tight as that velcro on those orthopedic trainers! Make a Best Friend with Alexis Braxton, Jazzie B., Kristen Gonzalez & Kaili Y. Turner today!

This video was directed by Kaili Y. Turner and also features E. George Perry, Joy Kelly, Nya Y., Dasan Turner, and Eliyus Turner-Tillery.

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