Quick Dish Quarantine: 5.11 Make Wads of Cash with Jon Daly’s I VENMO YOU MONEY

Leave it to Dynasty Typewriter to bring the internet another highly imaginative show. Coming to a wi-fi hot spot near you, is Jon Daly’s I VENMO YOU MONEY call-in streaming show! With a global pandemic affecting many a pocket book (if that term is even relevant anymore), there’s quite a few souls strapped for those Benjamins *points at all the comedians whose gigs dried up*. So what do we do when the stimulus checks have stopped magically appearing? Heed the “Make it Rain” money maker sounds of comedian JON DALY (Kroll Show, Betas, Big Mouth) as he comes to the rescue with no strings attached Tuesday, May 11th! All you have to do is call in and the amount you make is up to you. More details below! Is there ever really such a thing as FREE money?? You be the judge!

Mentions: Show 6pm PDT. Buy tickets HERE. (626) 869-9645 Call and leave a voicemail before the show OR call during the livestream to talk with Jon directly. Ticket holders will have access to the livestream for 7 days after the show. Follow Dynasty Typewriter happenings on IG. See what that Jon Daly is up to @jondalygram. Why do I all of sudden have flashbacks of when Jeff Garlin was giving away gifted items and yours truly lost out on an iPad? *pumps fist at sky*