Quick Dish Quarantine: WORST SUMMER EVER Comedy Marathon Fundraiser of Summer Memories 5.15 on YouTube

Remember not having to wear a mask when you stood in line for the portable hand washer at Lollapalooza and the brown paper ran out? Remember not thinking about tiny, deadly germs at that packed Euro hostel? Ah, the good old days! Well, this summer of 2021 may be the most anticipated season of our lifetime, so why not usher it in with some laughter. Saturday, May 15th join your favorite comedians as they reminisce about their worst summers. I’m sure ALL of mine involved giving book reports at the summer reading program. The WORST SUMMER EVER event will be hosted by Jared Goldstein and Hannah Pilkes plus a plethora more listed in this handy poster:

Visual aids are always appreciated. Ticket sales will go to the Asian Prisoner Support Community. Go stock up on sunscreen now!

Mentions: Show 6pm PT/9pm ET. RSVP at TinyURL.com/WorstSummerEver 
for the private YT link. Follow Naked Comedy, just because.