Quick Dish Quarantine: “Beetlejuice” & “Cabin in the Woods” Are on This Week’s SHOT4SHOT NYC Platter

We made it to the end of another week, just barely. Good thing we have another block of Shot4Shot remakes to smooth those April bumps. The “drinking game with a movie problem” will be taking on another two cinematic gems. TONIGHT we get a dose of that name you can’t repeat (no, not the wizard one). Yours truly happens to know a thing or two about this Tim Burton classic as I’ve seen it, at least, 50 times. HEY, I had a LOT of downtime through the years. Don’t shrink my head about it! If you haven’t guessed already, the film of the evening is Beetlejuice! Hope the Netherworld is prepared for the likes of the Shot4Shot crew, because, word on the street says, they are just as ominous as those sand-worms! This week’s cast include:

Stage Directions/Drink Ref… Amelia Morgan

Betelgeuse… Nick Carrillo

Lydia… Andy Fitch

Barbara… Matthew Schrader

Adam… Leah Evans

Charles… Marcus Haugen

Delia… Ali Mierzejewski

Otho… Naomi Pitt

Jane/Barnacle Man… Ryan Chittaphong

Juno/Beryl… Melissa Parker Caron

Maxie/Old Bill/Fly/Worm… Pedro Lee

Receptionist/Bernard… Jessika Stocker

Char Man/Grace/Preacher… Frank Hoffman

As for SATURDAY’S feast, Shot4Shot will remake that film that tore the horror genre a new one, Cabin in the Woods. You might recall the 2011 horror/comedy plot follows your classic group of college students hanging out in forest cabin only to faced with zombies. Of course, *SPOILERS* there are tech nerds in an underground facility manipulating what comes next. Gulp. Your cast for the weekend of “puppetmaster” infused fun include:

Stage Directions/Drink Ref… Audrey Marie Sprouse

Curt Vaughn… Marissa Stuart

Dana Polk… Ro Rotivo

Jules Louden/Elevator Guy… Pedro Lee

Holden McCrea/Operations Guy… Sonia Nam

Marty Mikalski… Sarah Kim

Gary Sitterson… Leah Evans

Steve Hadley… Nick Carrillo

Wendy Lin… Matthew Schrader

Daniel Truman… Matt Caron

Mordecai/Demo Guy 2… Billy Fenderson

The Director/Man on Roof… Heather Jewels Booth

Operator/Whispering Voice/Labcoat Girl/Accountant/Demo Guy 1… Emily Klopfer

AND a cavalcade monsters who will be working all kinds of gosh knows what. Mommy!

Viewing details below! Happy Weekend!

Mentions: Show times 9:30pm on Zoom. Email the shot4shotnyc@gmail.com to watch!  Follow the show on IG.