Quick Dish Quarantine: Shot4Shot Recreates “Hook” Tonight & “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” Tomorrow Evening

Quick Dish Quarantine: Shot4Shot Recreates “Hook” Tonight & “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” Tomorrow Evening
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Shot4Shot NYC is the game of recreating popular movies (and musicals) like you’ve never seen them before. Not only is there a live script reading at every event, but it includes cosplay, a drinking game and some often necessary off-script drift. This weekend there will be plenty of imbibing as the gang take on the foe of that boy who just can’t grow up, as well as a little fly bell-ringing with Quasimodo. The casts will be composed of:

Friday, May 7thHOOK

  • Stage Directions/Drink Ref/Painted Lady 1… Amelia Morgan
  • Peter Banning… Emily Klopfer
  • Hook/Captain… Langston Belton
  • Jack… Jessika Stocker
  • Maggie… Billy Fenderson
  • Smee/Umpire… Leah Evans
  • Tinkerbell/Female Assistant… Joe Miles
  • Wendy/Little League Coach/Robber Pirate 2/Passer Pirate… Melissa Parker Caron
  • Moira/Leader of the Robber Pirates/Painted Lady 3/Glenn Close Pirate… Frank Hoffman
  • Rufio/Liza/Lost Boys… Nick Carrillo
  • Thudbutt/Stage Version of Peter/Lost Boys/Nana/Inspector Phil Collins/Office Worker 1/Jim… Jack Rokicki
  • Too Small/Pockets/Lost Boys … Julia Darden
  • Ace/Don’t Ask/Gunman Executive/Office Worker 2/Brad/Lost Boys… Marissa Stuart
  • Tootles/Teacher/Runner on First/Painted Lady 2/Pirate Vendor/Peter’s Mother… Ryan Chittapong
  • Latchboy/No Nap/Office Worker 3/Neville/Lost Boys… Audrey Marie Sprouse

Saturday May 8thHunchback of Notre Dame

  • Stage Directions/Drink Ref… Amelia Morgan
  • Quasimodo… Marcus Haugen
  • Esmeralda… Melissa Ulloa
  • Phoebus/Archdeacon… Pedro Lee
  • Frollo… Leah Evans
  • Clopin/Puppet/Woman/Prisoner/Guard 4… Heather Jewels Booth
  • Hugo/Man 3/Guard/Woman 2/Guard 3… Sonia Nam
  • Victor/Man 2/Guard 2/Woman 1/Little Girl… Sarah Kim
  • Laverne/Boatman/Guard 1/Guard 7… Andy Fitch
  • Man 1/Guard/Bird/Djali/Man 1/Guard 6… Jenny Hill
  • Mother/Achilles/Last Year’s King/Man 2/Guard 5/Old Prisoner… Ro Rovito

Don’t miss out!

Mentions:  Show times 9:30pm on Zoom. Email the to watch!  Follow the show on IG. Images by Pedro Lee.