Quick Dish Quarantine: Tomorrow SELF CARE COMEDY Online Hosted by Anna Valenzuela

So here’s a question, why is the seam on a tear-a-square paper towel not symmetrically down the center? WHY, scream at the heavens loudly, would I want a piece that’s not a square!? Why are you calling it “tear-a- SQUARE” when you don’t get 2 SQUARES?! The nerd in me rejects this this moniker outright! Anyway, enough Monday raging (for now). TOMORROW, come to piece with your paper towel choices by enjoying some comedy! Pamper yourself with more SELF CARE COMEDY as Anna Valenzuela hosts this gaggle of laugh makers:

Atsuko Okatsuka

Danielle Perez

Ever Mainard

& Lindsay Adams!

Enjoy standup comedy from the convenience of home, and pick up your beverage spills with a towel. Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 7pm PT/ 10pm ET. All show info at tinyurl.com/SelfCareComedy.