Quick Dish LA: AGGRESSIVELY ALIVE 8.25 Hosted by Mark Vigeant in WeHo

Ready for an experience that makes you feel every one of your cells moving about your corporeal self? Then be a part of AGGRESSIVELY ALIVE Wednesday, August 25th in WeHo. Technology demystifier, goofball and master of ceremonies of this event, Mark Vigeant (Internet Explorers, OSFUG), welcomes you to celebrate live performance where not only can anything happen, but it can happen to YOU! Expect high energy, experimentation, raw stand-up, characters, musicians plus interactive games, drinking, and partying. What could possibly go right? Your comedic attendees will include:

Atsuko Okatsuka

Brandon Wardell

Carmen Christopher

Langston Kerman

Robby Hoffman

Angelica Mackey

Be alive!

Mentions: Doors 7:45pm | Show 8:00pm PT. Tiers: $10 – open access to craft aggressively alive cocktails, $15 – previous tiers + aggressively alive glowstick wristband & $25 – previous tiers + our photographer will take a polaroid or 3D film portrait of you (your pick), just like we do for our performers! *flag one of the non-performers wearing a green wristband by the bar after the show to redeem.* Location, arrival instructions, etc. will all be sent directly via email and/or DM. This show is produced by Maddy Martin & Ben Berke. Follow the show THERE.