Quick Dish NY: A Million Shetland Ponies Presents TFW U CREPPIN’ LIVE 8.25 at QED Astoria

Perhaps creating a song dedicated to pointing out your immortal beloved’s error is not the most gentle way to squash a disagreement, but IT IS funny. THIS Wednesday, August 25th, comedy band A MILLION SHETLAND PONIES‘ will share their musical gifts with NY to celebrate their upcoming album release (out September 1st). One of the songs that is currently making a home for itself on the interwebs is “Doris Kearns Goodwin (is Not Susan Polgar).” It clarifies any confusion you may be experiencing identifying a famous presidential historian from a chess Grandmaster. We’ve included that video below. Also, the band’s upcoming comedic show will include original songs from Dylan Adler, Kelly Bachman, and Josh Nasser, plus the world’s first COMEDY SILENT AUCTION. Now go off and start a disagreement with your significant other. We promise they won’t forever despise you for it. Good luck!

Mentions: Follow A Million Shetland Ponies on Instagram @dylanadler_ & @kellybachman. Josh is shy. Tickets for the 9pm QED show are $10. Location: QED Astoria, 27-16 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY 11105. QED will require proof of vaccination.