Video Licks: Watch UNCLE JOHN in “You can’t bring your wife to the Divorced Men’s Group”

Uncle John would never unknowingly infiltrate a divorced men’s group, right?! OK, maybe. In this moving picture John has the bright idea to bring along the wifey, and, boy, do these two have a grand old time noshing on cookies, playing the hacky sack, and generally bringing more misery to the already downtrodden. Enjoy “You can’t bring your wife to the Divorced Men’s Group“!

Video filmed by Kevin Amarillo. Cast includes John Wyatt, Caitlin Linden, John Norris, Tadamori Yagi, and Taylor Mendoza.

Mentions: Watch more hilarity on YT and on Instagram. No hamsters nor cabybaras were damaged in the making of this video OBVIOUSLY. Feature image by Pete Handelman.