Tasty News: Fielding Edlow & Larry Clarke Present BITTER HOMES AND GARDENS Season 2 PREMIERING 10.6

Under normal circumstances, couples are bound to face some relationship hiccups. However, when you throw in forced habitation from a world wide pandemic, the gloves are off! Wednesday, October 6th, the award-winning, dark comedy web series BITTER HOMES AND GARDEN will debut SEASON TWO! The series, starring real-life married couple FIELDING EDLOW (Bojack Horseman, Behind The Candelabra) and LARRY CLARKE (Twin Peaks, Contagion), revolves around a partnership that is more narcissistic and combative, than it is complementary and adoring. Sure the up-and-coming podcaster and self-obsessed actor are ruthlessly ambitious, and have no qualms about expressing themselves, but there’s still a spark there… deep, DEEP down in those seemingly hollow hearts.

SEASON TWO amps up the relationship fever, as the two now have to deal with quarantining in addition to tackling “zoom couples therapy, retroactive pre-nups, Q-Anon neighbors, and voyeuristic pets.” No sweat! Characters that accompany these married misfits in the series include their total prep lawyer (DAVE KOECHNER), their discerning couples therapist (JOHN MICHAEL HIGGINS), Fielding’s fruit delivery crush (CHRIS FAIRBANKS), their Q-Anon neighbor (BILLY GARDELL), and Fielding’s impressive Netflix exec BFF (CHRISTINE WOODS). With the “Swedish variant” going around, no one is safe! (And you thought Mu was bad). Be sure to catch the premiere in just a few days! This “hostage-sitch relationship” is out of control. Check out the trailer below.

Mentions: Catch up on Season One HERE. Bitter Homes & Gardens Season 2 officially premieres 10.6, on Youtube. Follow the series THERE.