Quick Dish NY: STAR F*CKERS ‘Scorpio Edition’ 11.19 at Union Hall

Your favorite astrology themed comedy show, STAR F*CKERS, returns THIS FRIDAY, November 19th to Union Hall. The show will, of course, be a Scorpio edition which means the lineup of comedians are ALL born under the current zodiac sign. So what do we know about these Scorpios? They are the eighth astrological sign, their element is water, their modern sign ruler is (not a planet) Pluto, and their traits include passion, independence, and a reputation for trailblazing. Hmm, sounds about right! This month’s lineup includes:

Kenice Mobley (Fallon, Vice)

Jake Cornell (Man & Woman)

Julia Claire (Reply Guys)

Pooja Reddy (Kutty Gang)

Gabe Gonzalez (HBO, Comedy Central)

hosted by Melissa Rich, Karolena Theresa, and Brian Bahe, along with resident astrologist & Taurus Lizzie Martinez!

Be a “creature with the burning sting” with your Scorpio pals THIS Friday!

Your Star F*ckers Brian Bahe, Melissa Rich, Karolena Therasa and Lizzie Martinez (left to right)

Mentions: Show 7:30pm ET. $12 tickets HERE. Location: Union Hall, 702 Union St., Brooklyn. Proof of vaxx required. Follow the show THERE.