Quick Dish LA: Get All The Comedy Fixings with ROD STEWART LIVE 11.24 at Permanent Records Roadhouse

It’s beginning to look a lot like spending unhealthy amounts of time with your relatives season. So where can you take them (or escape them) this time of year? ROD STEWART LIVE, of course! Spend Wednesday, November 24th at Permanent Records, where there will be another outstanding lineup of comedy rabble-rousers:

Nate Craig

Lisa Gilroy

Jak Knight

Steph Tolev

Danny Palumbo

& as always, your marshmallow yam flavored faves, Zach Pugh & Sam Wiles!

Enjoy the holiday laughs!

Mentions: Show 7:30pm PST. Tickets HERE (discount code: FINALLYITSCHRISTMAS). Location: Permanent Records Roadhouse, 1906 Cypress Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90065. Follow the show THERE. Proof of vax required.