Quick Dish LA: POPULAR KIDS CLUB COMEDY 7.13 with The Sklar Brothers, James Davis & MORE!!

POPULAR KIDS CLUB is back in session this Wednesday, July 13th. Turn that hump day on it’s head as “America’s favorite handsome boy” Luke Wienecke assembles the most talented comics around into the Optimus Prime of stand-up shows. This week’s sentient, living autonomous robot of a show’s lineup includes:

The Sklar Brothers

James Davis

Paige Weldon

Ryan Conner

Camirin Farmer

Cori Gonzalez-Macuer

and you, the adoring audience!

As OP would say, “there’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.” Let’s all be heroes this week, kids!

Mentions: Show 8pm PT. Tickets HERE. Location: Patio of Permanent Records Roadhouse, 1906 Cypress Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90065. Plenty of street parking. Vaxx card required for entry per venue requirements. *ADA Compliant Listening Devices Available Upon Request.** Feed the beast. Follow the show.