Quick Dish NY: TONIGHT Don’t Miss ‘Pretty Women: A Real Housewives Musical Revue’ at C’mon Everybody

Is everyone melting yet? Heavens to Betsy is it hotter than a Real Housewives squabble! Come cool down while the drama is cranked up to 11 TONIGHT at PRETTY WOMEN: A Real Housewives Musical Revue gets underway. New York’s best performers will be representing as the biggest TV personalities known to humankind. Your lineup will include:

Junior Mint

Milly Tamarez

Jay Malsky

Molly Ruben-Long

Schuyler Robinson

& Bailey Swilley!

This party is about to explode with excitement!

Mentions: Show 8pm ET. Tickets HERE. Location: C’mon Everybody, 325 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238. Follow the show. Feed the beast.