Video Licks: Consumer Credit Goes Splat in New Digital Comedy Short ‘INFLATION’ from FUN DOME

When Comedy Cake last left FUN DOME it was the during times. Now the question is, do you remember those sweet, innocent before times when we didn’t take double and triple takes of our gas bill (I’m talking car and abode)?! Well, just because bitcoin is cratering and banks are consuming one another doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about it all! In the newest video from creative collab, the ever so popular consumer credit is on the table. Watch as Fun Dome players Michael Cotter (Inherent Vice, Baby Daddy) and Tammy Dahlstrom (Miracle Workers, Silicon Valley) seek out a line of credit from a probing bank employee, played by Jeff Witzke (Henry DangerUp In The Air). Their fate is in this bank rep’s hands, so the hope is that the couples’ finances looks on the up and up, or their eggs could be cooked! *GASP* Will those seemingly frivolous credit cards mean curtains for this much needed loan? Have you figured out what they are purchasing yet? Find out in INFLATION!

Inflation was co-written and produced by Cotter & Witzke, directed by Mike Peebler (Hacks, 1923).

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