Quick Dish NY: ENTIRELY FROM MEMORY Present TERMINATOR 2 Live at Littlefield 5.18

ENTIRELY FROM MEMORY is the amalgam of improvisers, actors, and comedians who attempt (and fail) to recreate classic stories in front of a LIVE audience. This Thursday, May 18th at Littlefield, the group will offer up a chaotic mix of nostalgia, improv, theatre as they recreate Terminator 2: Judgement Day! Just imagine a performance without the aid of scripts, rehearsals, or sobreity! All these brave souls will have is their memory, a recent viewing of the film, and, oh so many wigs. To spice things up the performers:

– won’t know what role they are playing until they get onstage.

– must incorporate lines written by the audience.

– must incorporate any sound effect played by the tech booth.

– must spontaneously create “deleted scenes” when an audience member honks the magic horn

Oh jeez! This should be pure cybernetic chaos. Don’t miss out, and hasta la vista, baby!

Mentions: Doors 7:30pm, Show 8pm ET. Tickets $10. A portion of the proceeds will go to Black Girls CODE. 21+. Location: Littlefield | 635 Sackett Street, Brooklyn NY 11217. Follow Ten Bones theatre. Feed the AI.