Video Licks: There’s More to JESSE’S BIG BREAK Than Meets The Eye

“You struggle for so long as an actor, and then you get a role like this and it makes all the lean years worth it.” Jesse’s finally done it! He landed the part of a lifetime. At least, he thinks he has. You see, Jesse has a past that may creeping back up on him like the Babadook. His friends know this and just want to make sure he hasn’t stepped into another landmine of a casting situation. Jesse think his pals are trying to rain on his parade. He even questions their loyalty, as they seem to have given up on their own dreams of making it big. Has a struggling actor landed an amazing improvised speaking part with lines, no script, improvised, and a title that, well, speaks for itself? Find out now in JESSE’S BIG BREAK featuring Colin O’Brien, Eddie Dougrou and Cameron McCall, and Drew Luster!

This video is written/produced/edited by Colin O’Brien. Director of Photography is Drew Luster. 1st Assistant Director is Katherine Laheen. Cast includes Colin O’Brien as Jesse, and Eddie Dougrou & Cameron McCall as the roommates. Drew Luster also played the “Tickle Creep.”

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