Quick Dish NY: ‘HI. I’M WILL’ ft Will Morrison TOMORROW 9.19 at Secret Pour

Brooklyn-based comedian Will Morrison is back with more music and comedy at Secret Pour. “Hi. I’m Will” is a funny, caustic and vulnerable solo show about who Will is and the journey taken through alcohol withdrawal and an abusive relationship. Woah. Tomorrow’s show will feature openers Beau Hart and Ian Lockwood, so there’s should be plenty of laughter to go round. The engagement is FREE to attend, but, if you can spare some loose change for the participants they can bring you even more hilarity in the future. Have fun!

Mentions: Show 9pm ET. Free to attend (donations accepted, suggested donation $5). Location: Secret Pour | 1114 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11221. Give Will a FOLLOW. Feed the algo.