Quick Dish Toronto: BlackOut! Sketch Review at the Toronto Sketch Fest 3.15 & 3.16

BlackOut!, New York’s City’s realest, rawest comedy sketch review featuring all PoC performers from Comedy Central, HBO, Upright Citizens Brigade, CBS, and Second City will close out the Toronto Sketch Comedy Fest March 15 and March 16. The veteran comedy troupe has performed sold-out shows from New York to Baltimore with their unique comedy, rich with incisive sendups of modern life, cultural icons and politics. BlackOut! is the first-of-its-kind live show that’s part sketch, part sitcom, and ALL fun! The collection of traditional sketches, comedic ads, and character bits, highlight different slices of The Culture.

Per Jeffrey Elizabeth Copeland, a NYC comedy regular, and writer/creator of the show, “we’re all stepping up our game for this, and I couldn’t think of a funnier cast or a better director.” In addition to Copeland, the cast includes Aaron LaRoche, Alexis Braxton, Johnathan Ross, Justin Catchens, Calynn Chambers, and Kristen Gonzalez. If you should find yourself in the Great North, do yourself a solid and catch a performance! To support BlackOut! further, there’s fundraiser info for the event below.

Mentions: Toronto show 9pm. BlackOut! Toronto Sketch Fest ticket info HERE. Location: Comedy Bar Mainspace. 3.15 double bill with John Blair. 3.16 double bill with Dear Shoshanna, It’s Me Shohana. Crowdfunding info THERE. Special fundraising show at Caveat info OVER YONDER. Give @jazzi_jeff a FOLLOW. Feed the algo.