This Saturday, January 10th at Echo Park’s Stories Books & Cafe the dudes that brought you Holy Fuck and Art Fuck present some GOOD HEROIN. This is your chance to get the natural high of stand-up comedy while you appreciate good books, coffee, beer and your fellow man/woman. The line-up is a proper feast for you mind & gut:

Rory Scovel
Kate Berlant
Jerrod Carmichael
Julian McCullough
Allen Strickland Williams

Hosted by Dave Ross & Matt Ingebretson

Get there early because I have a hunch the place will be packed.

Mentions: Show 8:00pm. FREE! Stories is located at 1716 Sunset Blvd., LA. Sorry, you probably won’t be able to score the sweet Brown Sugar here, unless, of course, it’s in your coffee.