Tasty News: Go FUND JC Coccoli’s FRINGE Show in Australia THIS MINUTE!

Tasty News: Go FUND JC Coccoli’s FRINGE Show in Australia THIS MINUTE!
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You love live comedy, right? You like to be charitable, right? You like perks, right? Alrighty then, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. JC Coccoli’s all bangs comedy show FRINGE is heading to Australia for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and she needs YOUR HELP! JC’s been spotlighting international talent on her show for a while now so it’s about time to bring the show outside Los Angeles and onto foreign turf. Bringing FRINGE to Melbourne will solidify JC’s alternative comedy haven as a home away from home for Aussie talent. The FRINGE gang will record the trek and conduct panel discussions and one-on-one interviews to be broadcast via podcast. Not shabby, eh! So what will you get by contributing to this massive venture? Let JC tell you about this week’s rewards!

Yep, football rewards and merch. Excited yet? Check out the list of other donation rewards and another promo from the otherworldly JC.

$10: Photo with JC’s Guinea Pig Captain Nipples
$25: JC’s favorite drinks recipes and a signed FRINGE! poster
$50: Signed poster and tickets for 2 to Hollywood Improv
$75: Signed poster and JC will record your outgoing voicemail recording (must be in attendance at a live FRINGE event to collect)
$100: Signed poster and JC promotes/tweets/instagrams ANYTHING U WANT
2 Free drinks at Sunday Night Jazz Night at the W Hotel Hollywood, giant make-up caboodle from Target (1 avail) or $150: lg box assorted nail polish (1 avail)
$175: 2 free drinks and easy entrance to Harvard & Stone & an Ashbury t-shirt OR Megan Baker Fringe portrait & 4 reserved seats for Super Bowl Sunday at Public House
$200: JC’s copies of either “Not That Kind of Girl” by Lena Dunham, “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler or “Girlboss” with underlined passages & a free drink
$250: Signed FRINGE poster & Special Guest at FRINGE w/meal for 2 at Public House or Special Guest @MICF OR 1 free hour of bowling at the Spare Room at The Roosevelt Hotel
$500: Imperial Motion t-shirt, hat or sweatshirt (Size L), ENJOI skatingboarding team 2014 DVD, and two tickets to The Hollywood Improv
$1000: 2 pieces of Imperial Motion swag (sweatshirt, t-shirt or hat (size L)), a pair of Shady Sluts Sunnies, & Enjoi Jimmy Carlin skateboard deck
$5000: Enjoy Jimmy Carlin skateboard fully assembled, C!RCA sneakers, Imperial Motion clothing, 4 person entry to Good Times at Davey Waynes in Hollywood
$10000: FRINGE poster, dinner for 2 at Public House, 2 ticket to Improv or @MICF show & JC will get your initials tattoed on her body in a place of your choosing. Eeek!
$15000: You name it!

Feeling generous? Captain Nipples implores you to put that money to good use and send FRINGE to Aussie comedy paradise. Squeek! Squeek!

Mentions: Click HERE to go do your donating. Attend FRINGE in LA Mondays.

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