Video Licks REHASH: Reggie Watts’ “Social Music Experiment”

Have you ever pondered the power of music? Socio-musicologists and comedians Reggie Watts and Asif Ali take it to the streets on their quest to explore exactly how music affects us squishy human beings in their JASH web series The Social Music Experiment. Reggie and Asif probe the experts, go speed dating, invade a Porta Potty, and do everything comedically possible to find the answers to their questions. You will laugh. You will learn. Prepare yourself for awesomeness.

Episode One: “Can Music Get you Laid?”

Episode Two: Reggie and Asif try to get their party on pretty much everywhere

Mentions: Follow @reggiewatts & @alicomedy daily. Check out alicomedy and This post was originally published June 2013. Everything old is new again!