#COMEDYFEST Day Two: Microbloggers, Vines, and Newsies Pt. 2

You are probably familiar with the work of comedian Steve Agee from programs like The Sarah Silverman Program, Bob’s Burgers and 2 Broke Girls. However, did you also know he’s a master at the visual social media art of Vine? Well #ComedyFest’s “Vine Dining with Steven Agee” proved to be one serious Vine party that included fine vines from Steve and his friends, James Urbaniak, Marlo Meekins, Gillian Jacobs, and the surpreme Vine king himself, Adam Goldberg. Check out some of the most sublime vines of the day:

Is it Adam Goldberg or Andy Dick?

Arboreal Libations with Gillian Jacobs

That Meekins kid has a point

Steve Agee demonstrates that practicing your art has its drawbacks

Marlo Meekins described the technical difficulties of the Vine party with laserpoint accuracy.

Next on The Viners: Dr.Venture

This #ComedyFest is stressful

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