Video Licks: Watch the First 2 Episodes of COMMUNITY Season 6 at Yahoo Screen


We thought we’d never seen Season 6 come to light but it has. You can now stream the first two episodes of Dan Harmon’s Community at Yahoo Screen. Squee! The full cast of characters may not be there (minus Yvette Nicole Brown & Jonathan Banks), but Greendale still has that bit of sparkle we all love.

Episode 1: Ladders

The first episode introduces Greendale CFO Francesca “Frankie” Dart (Paget Brewster). Her first order of business is some needed cuts like Ladders course. Part of the new Frankie order includes banning alcohol on campus. In true Community fashion Britta, Annie, Jeff, and Abed turn Shirley’s Sandwiches into a speakeasy to stay open.

Episode 2: Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnal Care

Episode two, finds the Dean in a pickle when he purchases a VR system for Greendale that could bankrupt the school. Jeff is forced to find the creator, Elroy Patashnik, to bail them out of the mess. Also, Change gets a feline bite and Brita finds out her parents have been paying her debts to her friends. Who knew?

Mentions: New episodes will be released every Tuesday on Yahoo Screen. The season consists of 13 episodes. Yay!