Quick Dish: “Dead Authors” Podcast with Plato

I had the pleasure of attending the last live taping of the Dead Authors podcast at the UCB theatre here in sunny Los Angeles. As much as I enjoy getting my audio fix I find that seeing a live podcast really enhances the overall experience. The HG Well’s (Paul F Tompkins) time machine picked up a classical Greek treasure from the philosophy circles for this episode. You might recognize the name. Does “Plato” stir up any feelings of dread as you harken back to your college days of classical literature. It might. However, the Plato embodied by the talented Jason Mantzoukas (“The League”,”The Dictator”) you all know and love is waaaaaaaaaay cooler than you think. Stories of mad parties, colleague hatred and eyebrow waggling abound. Trust me, once this one pops an instant d/l is in order.

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