Video Licks: Last Week Tonight’s Snowden Interview Complete with Password Talk

Last Week Tonight

So who really is this Edward Snowden? Is he that dude with crazy hair, too much makeup, and scissors for hands? Is he a steward in the Night’s Watch? No, silly. He’s the former system administrator contractor for the NSA that handed over thousands of classified documents to several media outlets exposing U.S. surveillance methods. He’s been hidden away in Russia for a while and John Oliver thought he’d take a long trip to visit the star of Citizenfour. Watch as the two talk about the NSA, why people on American streets have no clue who Snowden is, balancing security and privacy, and a very blurry photo of Oliver’s Johnson. Oh, we’ve also got the added clip where John and Edward discuss passwords.

We think John Oliver needs a longer password. No disrespect intended.

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