Video Licks: A NEW Forgotten A**holes of History ft. Pope Benedict IX

Video Licks: A NEW <em>Forgotten A**holes of History</em> ft. Pope Benedict IX
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On the latest Forgotten A**holes of History we enjoy the real life story of a true rich kid behaving badly. Justin Bieber has nothing on this kid. Pope Benedict IX (born Theophylactus of Tusculum) was handed the papacy by his wealthy father in 1032. Unfortunately, the young pope was not the most pious of religious leaders. His list of debaucherous acts included rape, adultery, murder and orgies at the holy venue. And you thought Game of Thrones was scandalous! You wouldd think that would have been the end of his stint in papal limelight, but NO! It appears he held the office 2 more times and was the ONLY man to ever sell the papacy. Eeek! So what’s the lesson here? You decide. (WARNING: Pope with bling being naughty)

Forgotten A**holes of History stars Siobhan Thompson.

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