Kids, the West Coast is finally getting it’s own taste of NY’s cult show Cool Shit/Weird Shit! This showcase is not your ordinary comedic fare. This baby thinks outside of the box and offers up the most original and experimental of comedic performances. Forget your run of the mill stand-up or sketch. You’ll be entering a whole new comedic universe that will blow your little mind. June 8th at UCB Franklin Mathew Brian Cohen, Ele Wood, and Drew Spears launch the LA edition of the show. Their guests include

Kate Berlant
Jon Daly
Avery Monsen
Natalie Palamides
Nick Ciarelli & Bradford Evans
Mary Sasson
Colton Dunn
Liquid Feet
and MORE!

These amazing artists will be invited to do whatever they please as long as it doesn’t fall into the standard comedy categorization. If that’s too heady a description for you, watch this clip from one of the NY shows to get a feel. The clips stars Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer.

Mentions: Show 11pm. Buy Cool Shit/Weird Shit tickets HERE! UCB Franklin is located at 5919 Franklin Ave., LA.