Video Licks: The Ladies Pick The Horror Victim in this Hilarious CollegeHumor Sketch


There’s piles of decorations, candy, and costumes in the stores. What could that mean? That Halloween is just around the corner and it’s horror movie time! We know that one of the guaranteed victims of a horror flick is the sexually liberated woman. But what happens when it’s up to a group of female peers to decide who meets their death first? Enjoy Buzz Off, Lucille’s Girls In A Horror Movie Decide Which One Is The Slut! (WARNING: Adult content)

Buzz Off, Lucille is a New York based sketch team featuring Abby Holland, Molly Gaebe, Jenn Roman, and Julie Rosing.

Mentions: Watch more from Buzz Off, Lucille HERE. Get more chuckles at CH2. Also, never fornicate in a horror movie, kids.